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Telephone System Recording
Professional recording services for your telephone system
IVR System Recordings
Voice Recognition Applications
Toll-Free Announcements
Voice Mail (we upload professional greetings into    your voice mail)
On-Hold Messages and Music
Script-writing, editing and Consultation

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Quite simply, we’re a cut above.

The voice in your automated phone system tells people a lot about your company. Every time someone calls, your corporate image is on the line.

Make it impressive.

Dynamix Productions is an international award winning audio production company specializing in professional recordings for all types of corporate phone systems.

We’re not just another recording studio. Our experience, knowledge, excellent service and dedication to our clients put us in a league of our own. And our professional bilingual announcers are among the best anywhere. We also offer voices in Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin and many other languages.

With Dynamix, your system will never become cluttered with different voices or varying styles. We deliver consistent quality- warm, friendly and professional.

We know how to use speech patterns and inflection for IVR and voice recognition applications, so your system sounds natural, not robotic. And our clients love our attention to detail.

We work directly with corporate telecom departments across Canada and the U.S., and we have many years of experience working with telecom service providers such as MTS Allstream, AT&T, Bell Canada, Telus, Nortel, Avaya, Rogers, and Intervoice.

Let us make your phone system a pleasant experience for your customers.

We make your company sound great.