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Radio News Releases
Get maximum radio coverage for your story!

We know radio.

Welcome to Dynamix Productions' Radio News Service. We are broadcast professionals with many years of experience in radio news.

We specialize in getting your story noticed in a crowded media marketplace. We craft your message so that people will listen, because radio remains one of the most effective communication tools. It remains an extraordinarily powerful medium.

And we deliver your story in both official languages to radio stations across Canada.


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Our Services:

ADVICE - We will suggest the best way to present your story. This includes the “hook” or news angle, as well as the information contained in each audio clip. Before we begin, we'll give you our honest assessment, at no charge, of the likelihood of the story getting on the air. We don’t believe in doing work that will receive little or no attention.

COMPLETE PRODUCTION - We write, produce and package your story for any radio news format - from sound bites to 3-minute features for current affairs programs. Our presentation is professional and familiar to radio news editors.

DISTRIBUTION - We distribute network-quality reports via satellite and web downloads to up to 500 radio stations from coast-to-coast. We can also tailor distribution locally or regionally.

COVERAGE - We reinforce coverage with email to stations via our national radio database, including self-contained written news releases. A detailed description of the audio feed is also transmitted on the Canadian Press wire service.

FOLLOWUP - As an optional service, we will follow up with radio stations to confirm pickup and provide a list of stations that use your story.