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Alec Stewart

Alec’s credentials are varied and impressive. He is an experienced audio producer, winning five international awards at the New York Festivals radio competition. His musical ear and his keen sense of timing are an asset to any project, whether he’s directing voice talent, writing original music for television, or writing and producing radio commercials and PSAs.

Alec has excelled as a radio journalist, winning a national Radio & Television News Directors Association award for broadcast journalism. As a senior editor at the national Broadcast News agency in the 1980s, Alec directed day-to-day national news coverage and wrote the BN Style Guide on writing for the ear.

Alec’s finely-tuned production sense, combined with his experience in news media and communications, make him a unique figure in the studio world.

Joanna tsipuras

Joanna Tsipuras is a news writer and editor with 16 years’ experience on the national scene. Joanna worked at CBC-TV’s The National for nine years as an assignment editor, producer and writer/editor. She was one of a select team that wrote for Peter Mansbridge, and she worked directly with regional and national correspondents in the development of their stories. Her work in the newsroom caught the eye of the CBC’s training department, which hired her to run news-writing workshops for CBC staff across the country.

Before that, Joanna worked at Broadcast News, writing national news summaries for radio and TV, as well as developing stories for Ontario radio stations.