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Dynamix Productions
Quality. Versatility. Experience.

Dynamix Productions has 2 Digital Suites and 3 specially designed isolation booths. Our high-quality microphones and outboard processors always deliver sparkling, clean sound, with fast, precise digital editing and sound design.


Here is a partial list of our gear:

The Basics

• Pro Tools HD2 w/Mac Pro computer
• Apogee Rosetta 800 8-Ch. AD/DA converter
• Lynx Aurora 16 16-Ch. AD/DA converter
• UREI 1176LN Compressor (the original)
• 2 x AMEX 9098 Mic Preamp/EQs (by Rupert Neve)
• TL Audio Dual Valve Preamp/Equalizer
• Lexicon PCM70

• Digi Translator (transferring synch-locked audio from Avid    video to Pro Tools)
• Waves Gold Plug-in package
• Maserati Plug-in package
• Epure II EQ
• Antares AVO Vocal Toolkit (incl. Auto-Tune)
• TL Space reverb
• L1 Ultramaximizer
• L1 Limiter
• Renaissance RCompressor
• Renaissance Axx
• IR L reverb
• H-Delay
• SansAmp PSA-1

Music Plug-Ins
• Omnisphere
• Stylus RMX
• B4 (Hammond B3 simulator)
• Hybrid
• Ivory Grand Piano
• Sample Tank XL
• Xpand2

• Neumann U87
• Neumann U89
• Royer SF-24V (stereo ribbon tube)
• AKG 414-EBS
• AKG 414-ULS
• 2 x Shure SM-81s
• AEA R92 (ribbon)
• Sennheiser MD421
• AKG C 451 EB
• AKG C 535 EB
• 2 x Shure SM57
• 2 x Shure SM58
• Shure Beta 52A
• Calrec CM654-A
• AKG D200E
• Audio Technica-ATM29HE

Monitor System
• Tannoy System 8 Speakers
• Digidesign RM-1 Powered Speakers
• Yamaha NS10M Speakers
• Bryston 3B Power Amp
• Bryston 2B Power Amp
• BGM 250C Power Amp

Video Machine
• Sony UVW 1800 Betacam SP

• Comrex DH20 Telephone Hybrid
• Marantz PMD660 Portable Digital Recorder
• Marantz PMD650 Portable Digital Recorder
• Cambridge Audio azur 540C CD player
• Alesis ML-9600 High-Resolution Master Disc Recorder

We have an amazing array of vintage electric guitars and amps and some fine acoustic instruments as well.